You Can't Escape Your True Calling

March 24, 2017 | 2 Minute Read

That's why it's called a "calling" it will call you back again and again until you fully embrace it.

Here's an article that my friend Cassandra Villanueva a fierce leader and community organizer sent me.

The article is from 15 years ago, when I led a group of Chicanas from Oregon State University, Western Oregon University and Salem to organize the conference, “Mujeres Despertando Conciencia,” a conference designed to empower working Latinas. The committee organized it for two consecutive years and then I graduated from college and went off trying to find my career path in the non-profit world and public sector, not realizing that all along my calling has always been entrepreneurship, women’s empowerment and leadership and that eventually it would call me back.

Not much has changed for Latinas since that first conference. We are still getting paid just 43 cents to 54 cents for every dollar paid to white, non-Hispanic men, while white women on average make 79 cents to every dollar by a white male.

That’s just for starters, the list of discrimination issues is long too. The good news is that despite some great challenges Latinas are relentless when it comes to fighting for their dreams. I know that some of the women and young girls that attended that first conference are now leading programs, have started businesses, have become elected officials and have received advanced degrees. Many more, like my friend Cassandra are organizing communities to fight against so many injustices.

I’ve come to completely embrace my calling and that’s why I launched ThinkMujer and my mission is to first and foremost champion the leadership and accomplishments of Latinas. Second, connect Latinas with the tools and networks to grow professionally and entrepreneurially. Third, to continue to address the issues that affect us and find solutions.

As you can see from this article, the best way that I know how to continue fighting the good fight is by first bringing women together. Have you figured out what’s your true calling?

This topic will be a topic of conversation at the ThinkMujer Summit on May 12th & 13th. See you there.

Que Viva la Mujer!