How I am Staying Focused These Days

January 31, 2016 | 3 Minute Read

I always get excited when I begin to organize the ThinkMujer Summit, a training or a consulting project.

The excitement always leads me to big ideas. I always think of the many ways I can bring value and be of service to the many women that have invested their time, money and energy in attending previous ThinkMujer Summits and to the many nonprofits I've helped throughout the years. This year that excitement and planning has been difficult to sustain and like many of you, I’ve had some extremely difficult days, ex. Election Night, Inauguration Day and the day many troubling executive orders were signed.

On most days I choose not to give in to fear, which is difficult to do when so many people around me, including friends, family and the community I belong to is terrified or uncertain about their future in our country. So I try to focus on the tasks at hand beginning with caring for my immediate family, my husband and three daughters and then my business. I’m an entrepreneur and a creative person so there’s not a day that goes by where I think that I should be doing more with my business. The truth is that there’s more ideas living in my head than there are hours in the day.

So in the last couple of months I’ve been practicing the following seven things in order make things happen. If you’ve been feeling like I’ve been feeling, I hope these recommendations can help you too.

Limit Social Media Consumption

  • Start the day NOT looking at social media, news or email.

Start the Day by Taking Care of Yourself First.

  • I like doing a work-out video (Jillian Michaels or T25 are my favorite) and when the weather gets warmer I like to go jogging.

Stay Informed the Smart Way.

  • To catch up on news I go to the sources I trust the most. Since a lot is happening politically, I first go to the White House website and read any issues they’ve published. I also go straight to other worthy news outlets. I really stay away from reading anything that’s shared on FB. There are many media outlets, businesses and people who will write scandalous, outrageous or simply bizarre news headlines just to get people to “like” or “share.” Most of your “friends” don’t even take the time to read the content of an article, they just “like” and “share” everything. Someone on my FB feed yesterday shared a video that’s a year old - I wasted about 20 minutes watching it before I realized it was not real “live news.”

Stay True to What Matters Most to You.

  • I carefully choose the causes I want to support. Things are moving too fast. Almost everything I care about is under attack, from women’s rights to immigration rights and environmental rights. Heck even the scientists are planning a march. The truth is that there are many more causes that I would love to support, but the reality is that there’s not enough time, energy or resources to support every one of them.

Don’t Focus on Fear, Focus on Solutions.

  • I often ask myself, how am I using my talents to bring value to others? There are many ways to defeat fear and that’s by taking action, whether that means writing a letter, getting involved in civic leadership, organizing town halls, forming support groups, talking to young people or reading to children. When we come together we find solutions.

Find Support.

  • I surround myself with people that support my crazy ideas. My husband is the first to hear them and the first to help. Family and friends come next, sometimes they have a choice, other times they help out of obligation. It’s all good though that’s what friends and family are for.

Work Your Ass Off on the Good Days.

  • I’m not always successful at following all of these recommendations everyday, somedays are just too hard. But on the days that I’m motivated, I work extra hard, I stay focused and I make things happen.

What are some things that you are currently doing to stay focused?