2016 ThinkMujer Summit

7:30 am - Registration Check-in & Continental Breakfast

8:30 am - Welcome & Musical Performance by Las Mujeres de Bajo Salario

Bajo Salario


Music Band, Portland, Ore.

Portland-based, Bajo Salario, is a musical band that explores the revolutionary musical traditions of Latin America while honoring legendary musicians and creating their own composition about the experiences of immigrant workers in the USA and the current social-political environment of the “Migra-State.” While you won't find their music on Pandora or Spotify, Bajo Salario refuses to die, celebrates life, calls for social justice, builds community and raises awareness through its lyrics and messages. Read Bajo Salario's story on El Hispanic News.

8:45 am - Mujeres Chingonas Panel: Leadership of Latinas in the Nonprofit World (30 min interview, 15 min Q&A)


Guadalupe Guajardo


Senior Consultant, Portland, Ore.

Dr. Guadalupe Guajardo has deep roots in Oregon's nonprofit community having worked as a senior consultant with NAO since 1988. In 2015 she left the Nonprofit Association of Oregon (NAO) after 30 years as a senior consultant. Part of her legacy to NAO was the creation of NAO’s LACE Program( Latina Associates for Collaborative Endeavors). These Latinas currently serve as NAO associates as facilitators, trainers and consultants to nonprofits around Oregon. This valuable nonprofit experience led to her selection to serve a 5-year term in a positon of leadership within her religious order: Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary in the US-Ontario Province. Sister Guadalupe holds a Master's degree in Theology from Mt. Angel Seminary, an advanced degree from the Leadership Institute of Seattle (LIOS), and a doctoral degree from the California Institute of Integral Studies in Learning and Change in Human Systems. Dr. Guajardo’s dissertation was on Leadership at the Margins of Society. Read her Colors of Influence interview.



Laura Isordia


Executive Director, CAPACES Leadership Institute, Woodburn, Ore.

A native of Jolotemba, Nayarit, Laura Isiordia is the Executive Director of Woodburn-based, CAPACES Leadership Institute, a community-based nonprofit focused on preparing the next generation of leaders with the political consciousness and skills to lead and support social justice work. Watch her Sin Limites interview.

Yazmin Brambila


Executive Director, Casa Latinos Unidos de Benton County, Corvallis, Ore.

Born in Cocula, Jalisco, Mexico, Yazmin Brambila is the oldest of six siblings and daughter of farmworkers. A former high school drop out, Yazmin is the first in her family to go to college graduating from Oregon State University with a Masters in Public Health in 2016. She has worked in the tree farms, as a custodian, non-profit volunteer and now serves as the Executive Director of Linn-Benton County’s only Latino serving non-profit. Casa Latinos Unidos de Benton County promotes the well-being of Latino families, by providing opportunities for leadership and capacity building, by supporting and advancing their equal rights and equal access, and by creating a climate of tolerance and cross-cultural understanding.

Freda Casillas


Audience Development Manager, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Ashland, Ore.

Freda Casillas is currently Oregon Shakespeare Festival's Audience Development Manager. Freda is responsible for developing and managing the external marketing plan and strategy known as Cultural Connections. This strategy seeks to broaden the range of people who attend and engage with Oregon Shakespeare Festival via multicultural marketing and community engagement. Read her story in Travel Oregon.

9:45 am - Morning Break

10:05 am - Latina Lightning Talks

Adriana Alvarado

Adriana Alvarado

Licensed Medical Esthetician, The Oregon Clinic, Portland, Ore.

In her early 30’s Adriana Alvarado suffered from adult acne and hyper-pigmentation leading her to experience low self-esteem and self-image. She went to a dermatologist for help and none of his recommendations helped her problematic skin. In fact she felt the lack of his compassion. This experience led her to decide to become the expert in skin care, and as a young single mom she managed to work full-time and become a licensed medical esthetician. Adriana now has over 15-years of experience, a spa business under her belt, and is an expert in chemical peels, microdermabrasion, micro needling, and all aspects of body contouring.

Teresa Alonso


Candidate, House District 22, Woodburn, Ore.

Teresa Alonso Leon walks the talk! Last year she told the mujeres in attendance at the ThinkMujer Summit “lanzate” urging all of us to seek leadership development opportunities and to run for public office. Today, Teresa is running for state representative for House District 22. Not only is Teresa running for office she’s also a City Councilor and the State GED Administrator with the Office of Community College and Workforce Development at the Higher Education Coordinating Commission.

Joana Ortiz


Police Officer, Portland Police Bureau, Portland, Ore.

Joana Ortiz knows what it means to overcome obstacles. Entering the field of law enforcement as a female is no easy task, especially for a Latina who as a teen mom at 17 had to learn to balance being a mom, working and going to school to pursue a degree in criminal justice. Joana Ortiz joined the police academy being the only woman in a team of 8 aspiring police officers. She is now one of two Latina police officers in the Portland Police Bureau. Every single day Joana calls on her courage to not only defy stereotypes of female police officers, but to be of great service to the community she serves. Watch her interview on Univision.


Fitness Coach & Bodybuilder, Portland, Ore.

Vanessa Santana is the first Latina in the State of Oregon to win the International Federation of Bodybuilders (IFBB) Bikini Pro Championship. She exemplifies tenacity and challenging yourself. As a single mom, Vanessa has experienced great personal challenges but when she discovered the benefits of fitness she found the courage in her confidence to become the first Latina in Oregon to compete in the International Federation of Bodybuilders (IFBB) Bikini Pro and win! Read her NPC Oregon interview.

10:45 am - Morning Break

11:00 am - Las Jefas Panel (30 min interview, 15 min Q&A)


Edith Molina


Founder & CEO, ThinkMujer, Portland, Ore.

Edith Molina is Founder & CEO of ThinkMujer, an associate consultant at Nonprofit Association of Oregon, co-founder of RED Consulting Group, and co-founder of BilingualHire. Edith is a proud beaver and graduate of Oregon State University.

Sandra Andrade


Owner & General Manager, Universal Crystal Cleaning, Hillsboro, Ore.

Sandra Andrade launched her business in 2011 after many years of working for another company cleaning houses. She started with 5 residential homes and she now has a client list of 15 commercial buildings, including construction companies who use her services for final construction clean-up. A survivor of domestic violence and for many years a single-mom, Sandra really embodies the strength, resilience and fearlessness of what makes a Jefa.


Isabel Sanchez


Chief Churro Maker, Churros Locos, Portland, Ore.

Inspired by memories of eating churros with her family in Mexico, Isabel Sanchez and her husband, Daniel, launched a churro food truck and catering business to bring a traditional Mexican dessert to new heights in the local mainstream scene. Using the power of social media, Isabel has not only revived this long-lived delicious dessert here in the pacific northwest, she has taken the churro love to Asia at two different international food festivals. She engages her customers with creative slogans such as “Churro Life”, “Churro Love” and "Churro King." Isabel holds a Master in Education from Oregon State University. Read her story in The Oregonian.

Paola Zárate


Insurance Agent, Farmers Insurance, Portland, Ore.

Originally from Mexico City, Paola Zárate has always dreamed of following in her parents entrepreneurial footsteps in opening up her own business. After studying at Washington State University Paola worked in the industry for 6 years before opening up Paola Zárate Insurance. Read her Portland Mercado interview.

11:45 am - Lunch

1:15 pm - Comadreando Session: Invest in Yourself


Olivia Quiroz


Policy and Community Liaison, Multnomah County Health Department, Portland, Ore.

Olivia Quiroz is the Policy and Community Liaison at Multnomah County Health Department. She's also co-organizer of Mujeres en Movimiento, a Latina women bike group that hosts monthly rides throughout Portland to promote good health and friendship. Olivia earned her Bachelor of Science in Public Health at Oregon State University.

Mayra Arreola


Director-Community Collaborations & Investment, United Way of the Columbia-Willamette, Portland, Ore.

Mayra Arreola is Director-Community Collaborations & Investment at United Way of the Columbia-Willamette leading efforts to make community impact a reality by managing United Way investments, building critical relationships, understanding needs and opportunities, fostering collaborations across sectors and giving United Way a visible presence across the region. Mayra holds an Master in Public Administration from Portland State University.

Comadreando Session: When women of all backgrounds and cultures come together, whether intentionally or not, they start to talk about everything from husbands, to kids, friends, work and family. We Latinas called that “comadrear.” What women talked about coming out of last year’s ThinkMujer Summit was not only the inspiration and motivation they received from the incredible speakers, but also about how they wanted and needed more time for conversation amongst each other, code for “we want to comadrear more.”

This year we’re taking comadreando to another level. This interactive session will be an incredibly powerful and unique part of the summit. It will offer the attendees a chance for them to comadrear, connect, share ideas, ask questions and have a very authentic and meaningful dialogue with other women leaders at their table about leadership, mentorship, work-life balance and self-care. The insights each attendee will gain in this session will give them greater awareness into their own leadership style and ideas that they can use time and time again to continue on their journey and take what they learn and pass it on to the next generation of women.

2:00 pm - ThinkMujer Career Fair

4:00 pm - Summit Wrap Up

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